Thursday, 23 September 2021

Warning to dealers

CANNABIS dealers are feared to be operating in Peppard.

Paraphernalia including small plastic bags used to hold the drug was found in the car park at the sports pavilion in Stoke Row Road by some dog walkers.

They alerted parish council chairwoman Jeni Wood, who contacted the police.

Councillor Wood said: “I want everyone to know that this behaviour will not be tolerated. It is serious.

“The police have had a very good clear-up in Henley and maybe the dealers are moving into the villages. I think that has been happening in other areas.”

Councillor Dominic Hall said people in cars had been seen acting suspiciously.

He said: “You know that if they get out and run around playing football that there is nothing going on but if they stay in the car you know something is happening.”

Residents have been asked to make a note of the registration plates of any suspicious cars and to call the council or the police.

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