Friday, 28 January 2022

Warning to shoppers

Warning to shoppers

Politicians say police should pay for service

SHOPPERS in Henley are being warned to watch out for two conmen targeting them.

It comes from a woman who has been left with an £800 car repair bill after inadvertently falling victim to the pair.

The men are thought to have been seeking to steal her credit cards using the distraction of the damage to her vehicle.

The woman, from Watlington, was driving out of the King’s Road car park at about noon on Saturday after doing her weekly shop at Waitrose when a man knocked on the door of her car.

She said: “He asked me if I had seen the bad scratch on the back of my car and I wanted to see what had happened so I got out.

“It looked like someone had keyed the side of my car over two panels. I noticed that the man had a white earpiece in his ear.

“I said ‘thank you’ and got back into the car and took my phone out to take a picture of the scratches but I noticed that my credit card wallet was missing, so I started to panic but I knew for a fact that I had just used it and had it with me.”

As she prepared to get out of the car again, a second man approached her.

The woman said: “He had a Waitrose shopping bag and my credit card wallet. He asked me if it was mine as he had noticed it under the wheel of the car parked next to me.

“I thought it was really odd and I was really panicking at this point. I checked my cards were still there but my John Lewis card was missing and then the man looked under my car and found it, like he knew where it was. I was shaking and he disappeared.

“I went into Waitrose to tell the staff what happened just in case it had happened to anyone else. They were really helpful and said they would be vigilant.

“It could happen to someone else and I wanted to make sure people were aware as it was a horrible experience for me.

“It’s worth making others aware to be vigilant, especially with Christmas coming up.”

The woman has cancelled her credit cards.

She said: “The fact I had money in my purse makes me think they were targeting the cards.

“It was so quick and nothing was taken but I felt they had been following me and saw me using my cards and knew my pin number.”

She added: “It’s going to cost me £800 to get the car fixed.”

Police are investigating. Both men are described as aged about 35 and of eastern European appearance. Anyone with information should call Thames Valley Police on 101.

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