Friday, 25 June 2021

We cannot ignore Syrian crisis says Henley MP

JOHN HOWELL says he supports some kind of intervention in Syria.

JOHN HOWELL says he supports some kind of intervention in Syria.

Speaking to the Henley Standard ahead of today?s Commons debate on whether to take military action, the Henley MP said he believed that ?non-involvement would be more dangerous than involvement? but that he was keeping an open mind.

Calls for intervention have been growing since a suspected chemical attack near Damascus on August 21 in which hundreds of people are reported to have died.

The Syrian government has denied it was responsible, blaming opposition forces.

Mr Howell said: ?I am not yet sure that it should be us or the US but I shall attend the debate and listen very closely before making up my mind on how to vote.

?I think there will be some things that I will be looking for but this is a very evenly balanced issue.

?I am not impressed by the calls to wait for unanimity from the United Nations ? that will never come.

?Chemical weapons have been outlawed for over a century so there needs to be punishment of some kind.?

Prime Minister David Cameron ordered Conservative MPs to return from their holidays in time for the debate.

Mr Howell said: ?He promised to consult parliament before making any decision and he is a man of his word.?

Maidenhead MP and Home Secretary Theresa May is reportedly cautious about any military action in Syria.

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