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Drivers misuse one-way street due to poor signage, says MP

A SHOPKEEPER is predicting a serious accident will happen at a junction where drivers unwittingly turn the wrong way into

A SHOPKEEPER is predicting a serious accident will happen at a junction where drivers unwittingly turn the wrong way into a one-way street.

John Yealland blames the problem on badly placed signs at the junction of Prospect Street and Chester Street in Caversham.

He has raised the issue with Reading East MP Rob Wilson, who has called on Reading Borough Council to take action.

Chester Street is a one-way street which shouldn’t be accessed from Prospect Street. There are two “No entry” signs placed on either side of the junction but they are not positioned so drivers can see them.

Mr Yealland, who runs The Clock Workshop in Prospect Street, opposite the junction, claims one sign can’t even be seen by drivers who inadvertently turn left into Chester Street.

He said: “The signage is badly placed so drivers, particularly those coming from the centre of Caversham, can’t see them. One sign is completely invisible. If you don’t know the road you assume you can turn into it.

“It happens very regularly. Every time I’m here for just half an hour pottering about it’s not unusual for me to look out of the window and see it happening.

“I’ve seen near-misses but no actual collisions but something serious will happen at some stage.”

Mr Wilson visited the shop last week and, together with horologists David Thorndike and David Carne, witnessed a Peugeot turning the wrong way into Chester Street.

He said: “I visited the junction in question and it’s patently clear that the signage is ineffectual. On one side of the junction the approaching traffic can’t even see the ‘No entry’ sign as it is concealed by a building.

“This issue needs to be urgently addressed as at present the possibility of a serious collision is a very real one.

“The solution is simple: Reading Borough Council needs to move the existing signage into a position that is clearly visible to approaching vehicles.

“I have written to the council to ask that this action be taken and I hope that this matter will be promptly resolved.” A council spokeswoman said: “We will always listen to residents’ concerns but this particular issue had not been raised with us before now.

“Work was done last year on Chester Street to clearly define left and right turn lanes on the road and the no entry road marking was refreshed.

“We will visit the junction to ensure that the ‘No entry’ traffic signs are positioned correctly.”

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