Saturday, 19 June 2021

Prospective councillor - Caroline Wardle

I LIVE in Elvendon Road, Goring.

I LIVE in Elvendon Road, Goring.

I strongly support the Liberal Democrat aims of a stronger economy, fairer society, opportunity for all, quality healthcare and especially protection of the environment.

There should be opportunities for every child from nursery age to 19.

The Liberal Democrats in government have created two million apprenticeships and we will work for more locally as well as nationally.

Protection of nature and wildlife is important to me and I believe the district council should put more money into clearing roadside verges of litter. 

Sustainability should be at the heart of any new development, with energy efficient buildings, solar panels on south–facing roofs and new homes sited for easy access to our useful village centre.

We should also harness the power of the River Thames as it goes over weirs.

We need more safe footpaths, cycle routes and better, more reliable public transport, so that people have a real alternative to polluting cars.

More walking and cycling would be better for our health too.

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