Thursday, 13 December 2018

Prospective MP - Chris Jones

I WAS born in Reading and now live in Goring. I am married and we have a young daughter.

I WAS born in Reading and now live in Goring. I am married and we have a young daughter.

I joined party politics five years ago with membership of the UK Independence Party. I had become so disillusioned with the ethics and the actions of the “main” parties which have seemingly conglomerated into an indistinguishable mass, somewhere quite a long way left of centre.

Recently we have seen parliamentary process on important legislation completely glossed over and the House of Commons no longer a place of parliamentary debate. I strongly believe that the views of a significant majority of British people have become unrepresented by Parliament and the basis of our democracy is suffering.

The sole opportunity to refresh politics in Britain and bring about change is at a general election. My hope is that a sufficient number of people in this and every constituency in Britain has the courage to vote for candidates who are not from the three main parties. Voting for the same again will continue Britain down its current track without check or balance. Neither will you know in advance the course that will be steered as recent experiences have proven these parties’ manifesto pledges to be far from “cast iron”.

In the coming weeks I hope to meet many of you and discuss our policies. I would dearly like to convince you that your vote should be cast for UKIP as it may see another UKIP MP joining Parliament to represent views and values that you agree with but would otherwise remain unspoken by the other parties.

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