Friday, 18 June 2021

Campaigners for & against ‘Brexit’ seek votes

CAMPAIGNERS on the European Union referendum are trying to win votes in Henley.

CAMPAIGNERS on the European Union referendum are trying to win votes in Henley.

Members of both Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe were in Market Place on Saturday trying to garner support.

The former also held a discussion with Wokingham MP and eurosceptic John Redwood at Henley town hall on Friday, attended by about 60 people.

Mr Redwood, who spoke for 30 minutes and then answered questions, told the Henley Standard: “The response from people has been amazing.

“It’s so much easier than a general election because people want to help.”

He said both the Vote Leave and the Go groups were built in three months, which showed people’s enthsuiasm for leaving the EU.

“There is so much passion,” said Mr Redwood. “The other side are finding it difficult to build local enthusiasm.

“There are two big things we need to do. Taking back control of spending will secure British jobs and improvements to our health service. The other thing is to take back control of our borders so we can decide who is welcome.”

Henley’s Vote Leave co-ordinator Martin Dew, of Northfield End, said: “I was very pleased with the event and Mr Redwood’s comments were erudite and eloquent.

“He got to the deeper points with some of the arguments that you don’t usually hear. We had a number of undecided people in the audience, which is what I wanted.

“We managed to get some people to sign up and they were keen to volunteer to campaign with us, so it has been very successful.”

David Thomas, of Greys Hill, who is the Henley co-ordinator for Britain Stronger in Europe, has been campaigning in the town centre on Saturday mornings for the last four weeks.

He said: “We will be campaigning more and more as we get closer to the referendum itself.

“Some people are engaging. There is a number of people we have come across who are positive for remain and are grateful of us  campaigning.

“There are those who are positive for remain but are not so keen to show support because it’s a contentious issue.

“There are lots of people who are undecided so you try to understand their issues and talk to them. Then you have people who are against but don’t want to show support and those who do.

“It’s interesting and very good-natured and there is a friendly atmosphere.

“The responses we’re getting have grown and more of those who are undecided want to talk about it each week.

“We joke that it’s nice to have something to have a political campaign about rather then just deciding who the next Conservative MP is going to be!”

The EU referendum will take place on June 23.

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