Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Henley peer calls for Britain to stay in EU

A HENLEY peer has called for Britain to vote to stay in the EU

A HENLEY peer has called for Britain to vote to stay in the EU.

Lord Marks was speaking at a meeting of the South Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats at Henley town hall.

The peer, his party’s justice spokesman, said the EU debate was about Britons’ futures, particularly those of children, and their freedom to travel, live and work where they liked in the EU.

It was also about prosperity as more than three million jobs depended on Britain’s trade in Europe.

The UK was a bridge to Europe for American banks and Japanese car makers because of our language, legal system and services.

Lord Marks noted that no one had said what Brexit would look like, or how long the Leave campaign thought it would take, or how they would mitigate the damage that would be done.

He said the public were owed a clear explanation but they had been given only speculation, assertion and vain hope.

Lord Marks also highlighted the role the EU plays in improving the environment with standards for air quality, water, beaches, habitats, migratory birds and waste management.

He said it played an important role in achieving a an agreement to tackle climate chnage and was the first to publish targets after the Paris summit last year.

He ended by saying: “For all its shortcomings and imperfections, we can do more to create a better, more prosperous, safer, freer, fairer and greener world as part of the EU than we ever could on our own.”

After his 45-minute speech, Lord Marks answered questions from the 25 party members present.

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