Monday, 08 August 2022

Looking to redecorate? Ways to stay 'on trend'

Looking to redecorate? Ways to stay 'on trend'

This week, local estate agency Romans reveals the hot interior design trends to look out for — including inspiration from exotic destinations, lush rainforests and the deep blue sea

Bold as brass

While rose gold remains a firm favourite, in the world of interior design it is yesterday’s news.

Art Deco is regaining popularity and with it comes statement brass furniture pieces.

When adding brass to your home think beyond lighting and hardware and consider using the material in tables, sideboards, dressers and mirrors.

Optical illusions

Interior design is all about creating perceptions, and this summer the perception designers will create will be floating furnishings, mind-boggling patterns and geometric metalwork.

Incorporate this surreal trend into your home through lighting and soft furnishings.

Those who are renting should opt for geometric lampshades and clocks and throws and pillows covered in patterns which can be taken to your new home should the tenancy end.


Moroccan inspired décor is back with a bang — largely due to the resurgence of geometric patterns and bright block colours.

Take inspiration from your summer holiday destination, adding layers of ethnic inspired patterns and filigree accessories into your home.

The best thing about this trend is that it’s hard to go wrong — adding more layers just adds to the authenticity.

Urban jungle

Think less Club Tropicana and more lush rainforest. If using animal prints keep them subtle and floral patterns should be saturated.

Including real life greenery is going to be huge and as many plants require minimal maintenance it’s a trend anyone can adopt. Think palm leaves, cactuses and jungle-inspired foliage.

With the public moving towards a more natural approach to living, we expect homes will be littered with natural materials and indoor plants in the homes of promoting health and wellbeing.

Tie in two trends by adding a brass terrarium filled with natural green hues.

Inky blue hues

Rooms will be steeped in deep inky hues broken up with ethnic-inspired patterns and accents of brass.

Gone are the grey days of years past and in are intense inky blues and violets.

Originally used as an accent colour, thanks to its complimentary nature, deep blue has become a staple colour in interiors this year.

Often combined with acid yellow and turquoise, it gives a sophisticated yet warming feel to any room.

Brave base colours

As interior designers move away from pastels and into bold bright colours, base colours used by home owners and landlords have also evolved.

Gone are the boring beiges and lacklustre magnolias — colours used in the hopes of appeal to all prospective buyers and tenants.

Since “Greenery” was named Pantone’s colour of year, pale greens have become a staple base colour.

Simple yet effective in adding depth and personality to a room, light grey is another popular choice for landlords and homeowners.


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