Sunday, 14 August 2022

'Vampire' technology costs you £86 a year


TECHNOLOGY left on standby costs UK households £86 a year on average — but almost half of Brits don’t believe the savings are worth the effort of changing their energy behaviour at home.

MoneySuperMarket looked at the annual cost of running over 130 items to reveal the most expensive standby culprits sucking energy at home.

When taking eight of the items most likely to be left on standby by Brits — including a wireless router, Freeview/
Sky Box or digital clock — the combined amount of wasted energy totalled £1.6 billion nationwide.

The results showed that a TV box — such as Sky or Virgin Media — is by far the biggest energy drain, costing individual households more than £25 a year, even when the TV is switched off.

Surprisingly, leaving a basic multi-room speaker system on standby adds up to £19.66 yearly, while a wireless router — a staple in every modern household — adds a further £5.64 a year.

When combined with the cost of other everyday items, such as a microwave on standby (£3.24), a digital clock (£1.83), and a coffee maker (£1.20), the real cost of running appliances in the background adds up to a significant £86.09 a year for each household.

The study shows, however, that we’re not a nation that’s likely to change — 24 per cent stated that turning off appliances takes too much time and over half (55 per cent) admitted that they’ve never once turned their wireless router off — even when they go on holiday.

The findings are in stark contrast to the items Brits think are costing them most.

When quizzed, nearly a third of those surveyed (31 per cent) believed that televisions were the most expensive item to leave on standby, despite modern TVs being one of the lesser drains on power — averaging just £1.23 a year.

MoneySuperMarket energy expert Stephen Murray said: “There are lots of reasons why energy bills are expensive — some we can’t control but others we definitely can. Anyone with expensive bills should also switch today online to a competitive fixed rate deal — it only takes five minutes and you can save £250.”


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