Friday, 22 February 2019

There’s lots of work ahead, but for now just take stock

There’s lots of work ahead, but for now just take stock

Midwinter is a fabulous season in the garden, writes Jennie Herrington of Green Room Garden Design in Wargrave

WE are in midwinter, when the English countryside is at its finest — wide, open spaces, big skies, the delicate ghostly outlines of treelines and woodlands distinctive on the horizon. Well-manicured hedgelines cutting sinuous lines through the landscape. I just can’t get enough of it. Especially on a crisp, frosty morning.

And winter is a fabulous season in the garden too. A garden that looks great in the winter is truly a successful garden.

Strong design and clever planting come into their own at this time of year. Everything is laid bare, under scrutiny.

It’s a good time to take stock or to look around and see what you like the look of on the plant front and to jot these down in your notebook, for a warmer day spent browsing the nursery.

Winter is both an ending and a beginning; things are put to bed but at the same time are ready to burst forth as spring comes around again.

So my advice for the outdoors right now is to sit back and simply enjoy the majesty of our glorious countryside, and of the finer elements of your gardens — rosehips and berries; statuesque grasses and the seedheads of perennials, still not past their best; finely-cut topiary and the myriad of shapes, textures and filigree tracery that make up the bigger picture of our precious outside world.

Take some time to enjoy it all as just around the corner is just a whole host of hard work to create the magic again for another year. And if you did fancy venturing out on a clear, sunny day, the roses need pruning, you can cut back the leaves on your hellebores to allow the flowers to flourish and fill up your bird feeders, a frozen ground is hard to penetrate with a small beak.

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