Friday, 23 August 2019

Online study reveals the UK’s most cultured towns and cities

Online study reveals the UK’s most cultured towns and cities

ONLINE ticketing platform TicketSource has conducted a study to find out which cities outside London have the most cultural attractions per square mile.

The study explored 6,771 attractions across 68 UK cities. However, the results were based exclusively on data gathered from TripAdvisor, with no other sources or factors considered.

Of the 68 cities featured in the TicketSource study, Inverness came out top with 11.26 cultural elements per square mile, followed by Durham with 10.28 and Bath with 9.38.

Carlisle, Lancaster and Wakefield had the least culture per square mile.

Scotland topped the list, with a total of 39.45 cultural attractions identified per square mile, and it was also found to be the most architecturally rich region in the UK. Scotland was also found to have the most educational attractions, followed by Yorkshire and the South West, with Wales at the bottom of the list.

Outside of London’s West End, the survey found Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham to be the top three cities with the most theatres.

Grouping together the entertainment categories revealed Edinburgh to be top of the list for entertainment, followed by Glasgow and Birmingham.

Ely in Cambridgeshire, Lisburn in Northern Ireland and Ripon in Yorkshire were considered to be the least entertaining cities.

Terry Rosoman, head of marketing at TicketSource, said: “There’s no doubt that the cities of the UK offer up some of the most diverse landmarks and attractions, which led us on our quest to find the UK’s most cultural city outside London.

“Our study revealed some surprising results, shining a light on the cities with some fantastic cultural attractions and highlighting the cities which could be making more of their cultural contributions to the UK.

“It was particularly interesting to see Birmingham hailed as one of the top three locations for theatre, alongside cultural heavy hitters like Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“Similarly, Durham in the North East was in the top two, offering up almost as much culture per square mile as Inverness, who we are crowning the most cultured capital in the UK.”


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