Sunday, 22 September 2019

Seven ways to dog-proof your home so that everyone benefits

Seven ways to dog-proof your home so that everyone benefits

EXPERTS from Pure Pet Food have revealed their top tips for dog owners to dog-proof their homes, helping them to steer clear of avoidable accidents and discomfort.

A spokesman for the firm said: “Dogs clearly have different requirements to humans, but many of their needs are the same.

“They need to feel safe, secure, sheltered, comfortable and warm. They also need to feel happy and loved, and shouldn’t be made to feel confused or thirsty.

“So we’ve highlighted seven ways that dog owners can easily prepare their houses to meet those needs and make their pets feel truly at home.”

The seven tips for dog-proofing your home are as follows:

1. A place for sleeping

Just like humans, dogs need a comfortable bed or blanket to sleep on after long, active days. As well as being essential for rest and recuperation, having their own space helps dogs to stay warm during the colder months. It can also help them settle in when they first arrive, and provide a sense of security and belonging.

2. Appropriate toys

It is important to provide a few toys so that dogs do not become bored or sad and are not tempted to take other items to play with or chew.

Pick dog toys that they can play with alone as well as with you — make sure they are safe for dogs to chew on and are not sharp, will not tear apart easily, break or be swallowed.

3. Fresh water supply

It is vital to make sure dogs have a bowl of water constantly available, and that they know where to find it. Ideally the water should be in the same place their food is served.

4. Think about flooring

Carpets are the most comfortable type of floor for a dog, especially when lying down and in cold weather, but they can be difficult to clean.

Wooden or vinyl floors are much easier to clean but less comfortable. So, it is a good idea to buy a rug or two to protect high traffic areas from wear and tear and provide a warmer area to lie on.

5. Set rules and a routine

Draw up a list of rules for the whole family and any guests to stick to, so that your dog gets into a regular routine and understands what is acceptable. Everyone in the house should be consistent on whether your dog is allowed on the furniture, what and when they are to be fed, and where and how they are allowed to play. Everyone should also be considerate of the dog’s bedtime, walking routine and toilet breaks.

6. Secure the garden

A flimsy wooden fence or garden boundaries defined by shrubs or hedges are not secure enough with a dog in the family. To prevent your dog getting out, all sides of your patio should be secured by fences or walls – although some dogs are more determined to escape than others, and some can jump higher than others.

7. Remove hazards

Anything that is breakable and may be knocked over by a dog should be removed, and items with sharp edges or awkward protrusions could also be a potential dog hazard. Some plants and food can be dangerous to dogs, so be sure to check with a reliable information source.


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