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Invest in your front garden to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Invest in your front garden to boost your home’s kerb appeal

HOMEOWNERS are being encouraged to make the most of their outdoor space by investing in their front gardens.

Experts at outdoor furniture supplier BillyOh have compiled a list of seven tips and tricks that homeowners can use to improve their property’s kerb appeal — and potentially increase its value.

A spokesman for the firm said: “The first impression of a house is the front garden, so is a great opportunity for homeowners to show individuality and personality.

“Paved driveways without greenery lack identity and can make a house feel cold and unwelcoming.

“Increasing kerb appeal does not have to be stressful and can be achieved easily, a new lick of paint and introducing a variety of plants can do wonders, with little cost or effort need.

“Homeowners should first know what image of themselves they want to present to the world and then translate that when planning the garden.”

The seven ways of improving your home’s kerb appeal are as follows:

1. Add a gate

Placing a gate at the entrance of the garden, as well as being an additional security measure, can add a warm and welcoming entryway for guests and helps set the tone of the garden.

2. Refresh

Rather than putting in a new pathway a cheap and quick alternative is to instead use a power wash to give the existing footpath a good scrub. Add gravel to hide paths that are past saving.

3. Enhance with an arch

Putting an arch over the pathway is enticing and adds dimension to the area. Train plants like beech or hornbeam to make an evergreen arch. In winter the bare branches provide a strong structure.

4. Variety of greenery

When deciding on greenery, include a mix of different leaves and foliage to add dimension and interest. Stick to low-maintenance plants such as hostas and lady ferns which thrive in shaded areas. These are perfect for all seasons, so there’s no risk of them looking bare or dull in colder periods.

5. Utilise space

For residences with a smaller front garden such as townhouses, wall climbers should be considered. These take up no floor space and grow directly on to the outer walls of the house. Greenery can be introduced no matter how small the area.

6. Harmonise colours

When adding colour into the garden, from front doors to plants and flowers, choose complementary colours to unify the garden as one whole. This is an incredibly effective and easy way to add kerb appeal.

7. Upgrade the door

The main focal point of the house is the front door. A lick of paint refreshes the home and draws the eye alongside polishing existing hardware. Before going for a bright colour, consult with residents and ensure that it is appropriate for the location.

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