Monday, 27 September 2021

Fence fails to protect swan nest

A NESTING swan on the Thames towpath was left distressed after a Union flag hat was put on top of its eggs.

The bird has been nesting on the Remenham bank for more than a month and a protective barrier has been put up around it.

Swan Support, a charity based in Datchet, was alerted on Sunday night.

Volunteers came out to remove the hat, which had stopped the pen from being able to sit in her nest, also took away wine bottles and beer cans found nearby.

The swan’s eggs are due to hatch in the next week or so. She laid six but there are only three left.

Wendy Hermon, operations director for the charity, which cares for sick and injured swans in the Thames Valley, said those responsible had put the lives of the unborn cygnets at risk.

She said: “It was probably down to drunk people putting the hat down and stopping her.

“If we did not send anyone out the eggs could have died because they need to be sat on and kept warm.

“I can’t point the finger about the missing eggs but it would be difficult for foxes, for example. to get around the barrier without destroying anything.”

As the Henley Standard reported last week, the barrie was put up following a dog attack on a swan’s nest at the same site last year.

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