Thursday, 11 August 2022

Henley Rotary Club

RICHARD PHILLIPS suffered a major stroke in 2001 and moved to Henley the following year.

Since then he has joined the Henley Stroke Club and has become a volunteer stroke ambassador for the Stroke Association, attached to its regional office in Oxford. He spoke at the club’s lunch meeting at the Red Lion Hotel on Tuesday last week.

Mr Phillips’s presentation was about stroke awareness. He covered what is a stroke, its impact, what can be done to reduce the risk and the Stroke Association and how people can help.

He explained that a stroke can be either a blockage or a bleed to the brain and stressed the FACT procedure if a stroke is suspected:

Facial weakness;

Arm weakness;

Speech problems;

Time to call 999 if any of these signs are present.

He said a transient ischaemic attack (or a mini-stroke) was often the forerunner of a major stroke and should never be ignored, even if the symptoms disappear.

There are 150,000 strokes a year in the UK and Mr Phillips explained the various factors which increase risk, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), diabetes and lifestyle factors such as drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking.

After several members had contributed to the discussion, both with their own experiences and those of their relatives and friends, Sam Lamden proposed the vote of thanks.

Earlier, it was reported that a party of 12 members and partners had attended the Rotary District 1090 conference in Bournemouth, where the club was awarded the trophy for the best proportional attendance of membership (assisted by the fact that the club now has only 17 members).

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