Monday, 08 August 2022

Henley Rotary Club - learning from mistakes

A THOUGHT-PROVOKING talk on how to learn from one’s mistakes was the highlight of the club’s twilight meeting held at the Red Lion Hotel on Tuesday last week.

Tony Searby, who is the son of the late John Searby, a long-time stalwart of the club, asked his audience to imagine an expert archer aiming for the target and hitting the bulls-eye every time when all of us actually miss the target most of the time.

In the metaphorical world of the target, our mistakes cause us emotional pain and, with the magic of adversity, there is an opportunity for learning. He urged that we must not fail to adapt to the reality of a situation and not deny what has happened, or blame others — and indeed ourselves.

Opening his talk to a couple of questions, Tony emphasised the healing power of forgiveness, both of someone else and of ourselves.

One questioner suggested he was being idealistic but he dealt calmly with the points raised.

In proposing the vote of thanks, John Luker pointed out that Tony had been the No 2 adjudicator in the local heat of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition for several years and was well-versed in public speaking.

Among a number of visitors from other clubs was Ian McGaw, president of the Rotary Club of Henley Bridge, who thanked members for the assistance given with the water station at Fawley during the recent Henley half marathon and 10km run.

President Maria Bunina suggested, nay commanded, that members should remember that they would be over-indulging themselves in December so they should cut down on food and alcohol consumption, as well as taking more exercise, during November.

She hinted that there would be penalties for those who did not live up to the regime!

One function that is due to take place before November is the partners’ evening on October 31 at which the club’s honorary member Ken Fitt, in conjunction with a pianist, will entertain the assembled company. Other forthcoming events mentioned were the visit to the BMW Mini factory at Cowley on Friday, November 10 and the charity bingo evening at the town hall on Friday, November 17.

⚫ At this week’s meeting, held at the Red Lion Hotel on Tuesday lunchtime, a minute’s silence was held for Rotarian Roger Sayer, who had died earlier that day.

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