Monday, 14 June 2021

Henley Rotary Club

THE club held its twilight meeting on Tuesday, April 3, which turned out to be one of the special meetings of the year as two new members were officially inducted by the president Maria Bunina.

Pat and Lyn Pearce, who have moved to Henley, were welcomed by all the members present.

The evening continued when two ladies gave a most interesting talk about the Nasio Trust.

This is a new charity which works in both Kenya and Tanzania, empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health and developing commerce through sustainable income-generating projects.

The area is rife with Aids and HIV and the trust helps the young children with no families as such. They are found homes with adults rather than being put into an orphanage.

The children are also educated to secondary school standard.

The shortage of clean water is the most serious problem and the charity’s other project is to provide water tanks with clean water. Each tanks cost £450.

The charity raises about £250,000 which is used on this work.

The Nasio Trust is based in Chalgrove. For more information or to make a donation, call 01235 856290 or visit

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