Friday, 03 December 2021

Henley Rotary Club

SO you’ve put out the bins, the big green is recycled into something else, the little green into fertiliser and the brown into garden compost.

But what happens to all that non-recyclable junk in the black bin?

Henley Rotary Club will help you find out when environmental scientist Jessica Baker-Pike speaks at an open online meeting called “What happens to non-recycling waste?” Here’s a hint. The speaker is manager at the learning and visitor centre at the Ardley energy recovery facility and will explain how some of it is used to generate power for around 60,000 homes.

The event will be at 6.30pm on March 23 and is the latest in a series of open meetings on the environment hosted by the club.

Previous talks have included how to stop the “plastic soup” in our rivers and streams, Formula E electric car racing and what the high street is doing to save the planet.

To register for the free talk, visit https://ardleyerf.

This meeting will be run on Microsoft Teams, not on Zoom. For more information, email

Jeremy Gaunt

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