Monday, 21 June 2021

Modest philanthropist

TOBY BOFFIN, of the National Trust, gave a talk to members of Henley Rotary Club and their partners at the Quince Tree in Stonor on Tuesday evening.

His subject was the life and achievements of William Morris, Lord Nuffield.

Mr Boffin, who lives in Nuffield, spoke about Lord Nuffield’s life, from his humble beginnings in Oxford, where he founded his first bicycle business with £4, through the development of his business, building motorcycles, then the first “Bull-nosed” Morris motorcar, to the introduction of the mass production of affordable cars.

His company grew, absorbing other car manufacturers, such as Riley and Wolseley, and many component suppliers, such as SU Carburettors.

His business empire, Morris Motor Cars, rivalled that of Henry Ford in America and saw the introduction of many motoring icons such as the MG sports car.

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