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200 papier mache hippos to celebrate club’s bicentenary

200 papier mache hippos to celebrate club’s bicentenary

TWO hundred miniature hippos have been decorated to mark the bicentenary of Leander Club.

The hippo is the club’s symbol so it invited individuals, schools and businesses to customise the 18cm high papier-mâché figures for a community art project called Hip Hip Hooray.

People could paint, paper, dress, decorate or embellish them however they wanted and some of the resulting artworks are on show in shop windows around the town centre until the end of the month and there is a trail for visitors to follow.

Among the works of art is one by Linda Saul, a member of the Henley Arts and Crafts Guild, who draped her hippo in red, white and blue bunting while holding a sculling boat in its jaws.

She called the piece “King of the River”, which is how hippos are known in Africa and is said to be why Leander adopted the logo in the mid-1800s.

Pupils in year 6 at Valley Road Primary School in Henley gave their hippo a crown, beard and robes to look like Henry II in whose reign Henley’s first historical record was made.

A hippo dressed as a First World War soldier named Tommy was submitted by the Henley-on-Thames WWI Remembrance
Association. He has three poppies at his feet and is daubed with the slogan “Lest we forget, 1914-1919”.

Henley artist Nancy Marcello called her hippo Redders after Henley Royal Regatta chairman Sir Steve Redgrave, a former Leander athlete who won five Olympic gold medals between 1984 and 2000.

It is decorated with gold and silver studs plus five miniature medals made from painted 1p coins and a red, white and blue ribbon with crossed silver oars.

The hippos will be reunited at Leander Club’s family day on July 22 before being returned to their creators or auctioned for charity. Each hippo has a label with a QR code, which can be scanned using a smartphone to find out more about it and place a bid.

The full list of hippo creators is as follows: Timothy Easton; Rupert House School, Rupert Bears, Reception, Y1 – 6; St Mary’s School, Y6 - Niamh Askin, Manouka Vogel, Jane Norbury, Tristan Clarkham, Alma Badesha, Jay Bowler, Bella Van Stone, Nell Peters and Kate Findlay, Art Teacher; Gillotts School, Y7 – 10 and Art Club; 3rd Henley Brownies - Badgers Six - Selene, Emily, Eliana, Sophie; Moles Six - Juno, Ellie, Elysia, Maisie; Rabbits Six - Flo, Isla, Amelia, Kitty; Hedgehogs Six - Holly, Poppy, Alysia; Badgemore Primary School - Poppy F Y4, Ellie Y3, Zara Y6, Poppy May Y2, Jemima, Reception Class, Jack Y1, Nicky Y5; Jodie Kidd; Carol Decker; Henley Plastic Reduction - Julia Carey; Harpsden Pre-School; The Salon of Chi, Sam Walters; Geoff Hocking and Suzanne Morley – Happy Henley - Pay It Forward; Pete Reed; Kenton Theatre, Steve Allender & Darling Ms Lili Costumier; Nancy Marcello; Laurence Menswear; Josh, Jo and Laurence; Antony Duckett; Zoe De Toledo; Sarah Pye; 1st Henley Brownies, Gnome Six, Lily, Pixie Six, Imp Six; Invesco Perpetual, Neal Swygart, Invesco Perpetual Design Team; Debbie Bruwer; HOT WI, HOT WI Committee Members; Niki Schäfer; Shaun Goffe; Lady McAlpine, Traditional Boat Festival; Richard Law, Signwriter; Jason Humphries, Co-Founder of Digby Fine English; Bill Mundy; Laia Ventura, Farrow and Ball; Olly Renwick; Shiplake College, Joshua Jones, Harry Saker, Oliver Dee, James Perry, Jamie King, Finn Suter, Y7, Max Dag, Ben H; William Satch; Liz Haynes; Jane Hall; The Henley College - Student Leadership Team; Martin Newman (Arty Marty), Cartoonist; Mary Jamai; Chris Hollins; Jo Harris, Henley Art School; The Warriors on Waste Upcycling Holiday Bootcamp run by Lynne Lambourne with Jack Dagg, Eva Tassle, Grace Lambourne, Holly Butlin, Purdy Nugget, Mimi Norris, Lola Clarridge, Mia Strange; Julia Welburn, Graphic Designer and Illustrator; Aura CREATIVE; MiniMonkie; Sir Steve Redgrave; Henley Music School; Caroline Mulcahy; River and Rowing Museum; Spire Dunedin Hospital, Reading; Anne Haimes Interiors, Emma Lister, Cathy English and Amy Pendred; Emma Benz; Trinity CE Primary School, Reception Class, Y1 – Y6; Sacred Heart Primary, Y5, Florence French, Angelika Gwiazda, Amber O’Connor, Keela Saunders, Martha Dickson, Poppy Eggleton, Felix Richardson, Sophie Hamilton, Bailey Fearn, George Weatherley-Bates, Charlie Ingram, Charlotte Tong, Matthew O’Connor, Max Miller, Maggie Meredith, Zuzanna Sztuba, Sophie Miller, Joseph Cawthorne, Edward Tong, Tommy Ross-Lee, Ben Stimpson, Mariah Livadaru, Lily Knapp, Henry French, JoJo Tubb, Nancy Lloyd, Oscar Woodward-Sweet, Jessica Robinson, Lydia Singer, Daisy Eggleton; Thames Hospice Henley, The Homestore Windsor, HomeStudio; Jane Rowton-Lee, Jean Rooke, Allen Rout with contributions from Northdowns Lacemakers; Louise Spiers; Frost Borneo, Zoë Winslow-Morten; Liz Chaderton; Start Art Henley, Start Art Club @Trinity; Rebecca de Stacpoole; Start Art Henley, Start Art Club @Trinity; Valley Road Nursery, Reception Class Y1 – 6; Mark Stoddart International Design; Catherine Ingleby; Linda Saul; Bexy Butcher; Vince Hill; Gorvett & Stone; Kate Lambourne; Vicky Thornley; Elements Henley, Elements Team; Rachel Lloyd ‘Connor the Conker’; Caroline Bleackley; Sara Withey; HOT Creative Helen Stamoulis; Henley Town Council and the Town Hall Staff; Mayor’s Office, Leena Wisely, Mayor’s PA; Nikki Cooper; Crazies Hill Primary School, Issie Harmer, Freddie Unwin, Ryan Milnes, Isobel Wilson, Matthew Cooper, Charlie Unwin, Leah Edney, Skye Milnes, Cecilia Giret, Jakub Baradell-Pither, Jessie Markham; Jessie & Abbie Duncan, Nick Middleton; Debbie Page; St Joseph College Boat Club, Sydney, Australia; Lancaster Jaguar Land Rover Reading, Jardine Motors Group; Oxford University Boat Clubs, Anastasia Chitty; CUBC - Lance Tredell; Phyllis Court Club; Alex Richardson, Henley Pet Shop; Shop at Stocks, Mia and Emma; Crew Clothing Henley, Cathy; Henley Youth Festival committee members and children; Candela Hypnosis - Sue Turner; Jayne Walker, COOK Henley; Jo Miles, Miles of Frames; Leander Club Staff; Henley 1st Guides, Lydia, Lara, Lottie, Freya, Zahra, Emma, Bethan, Emily, Amelia, Eloise, Jessica, Alice, Meghan, Natalie, Kitty, Serena, Gemma, Sofia, Lottie, Emily, Martha, Isobel, Georgina, Sophie, Milly; Liz Felix Millinery; Fiona Jennings; Henley Women’s Regatta; Kim and Trevor, Henley-on-Thames WW1 Remembrance Association; The Creative Duck, Nicola Nott; Camilla Dowse; Louise Claire Millinery, Louise Walton; Hugh Richardson, Kate Richardson, Jane Richardson. Thanks also to Paul Budd, the Leander Club committee, Helen Barnett, Mark Banks, Lancaster Land Rover, Higgs Group, d:two, Henley Library, Henley Tourist Information Office, Debbie McGee, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Radio Oxford, Michaela Clarke, Phil Simms, Cheryl Vyvyan, Philippa Gutteridge, Laura Andrew, Michelle Thomas, Sara du Luart, Robert Treharne Jones, Mark Osbourne, Neal Horner, Carolyn Molyneux and Alex Nearchou, Delegate Office and Conference Services and the Henley Festival.

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