Sunday, 07 August 2022

Atkinson at the double for visitors

HENLEY gained revenge for defeat earlier in the season as they held on to triumph at Hove on Sunday.

HENLEY gained revenge for defeat earlier in the season as they held on to triumph at Hove on Sunday.

The visitors were straight out of the blocks with a high tempo, as they looked to counter the headwind on a sticky pitch.

The pace of attack brought about its reward as good ball retention allowed Atkinson to burst on to a run and finish under the post. Dudding converted and the lead settled Henley into their stride.

With Hove pressing quickly in the middle, the Hawks looked to vary their attack. Good use of the blind side forced the hosts to scramble defence and maintain pressure in the Hove half.

Henley probed the line, but a number of opportunities went begging. Hove had a chance to break out and with a few penalties to help the cause, the bigger home forwards pounded the line and scored reaching for the whitewash. The kick was converted.

A change of style again, to make use of the wind, saw Henley use Hearn’s long reaching kicks to good effect. Hove picked the pace up and good tackling, especially from Barrett, forced the turnovers. In attack Dudding was finding gaps in behind for Wheeler, Ferguson and Atkinson to exploit.

The solid defence meant Hove resorted to chips over the top, only to provide Tomas with further chances to run back. Another delayed pass from Dudding put Atkinson into the gap to finish well and grab her brace. Hove threw all they could at Henley as it took further big hits from Barrett to lead the resistance.

The last 15 minutes ebbed and flowed across the ever-increasing mud bath. With three minutes left the Hawks were defending a series of close pick and goes just feet from the line. It forced a knock-on and with it the final whistle.

Henley Hawks Women: 1 Sarah Adams, 2 Kelly-Anne Ferguson, 3 Bobby Barrett, 4 Emma Tadman, 5 Katy Wysocki-Jones, 6 Tina Simpson, 7 Amy Atkinson, 8 Anne Wheeler, 9 Yaz Lathbury-Haig, 10 Carly Dudding, 11 Charlie Sealey, 12 Lizzie Hearn, 13 Ann-Marie Solowin, 14 Pip Timmins, 15 Annette Tomas. Replacements: Mel Mckenzie-Dalton, Kerry Beech, Rachel Parry.

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