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Gent scoops four awards at presentation evening

HENLEY Sailing Club’s retiring commodore Tim Saunders delivered his final annual report to members at the club’s annual general meeting.

HENLEY Sailing Club’s retiring commodore Tim Saunders delivered his final annual report to members at the club’s annual general meeting.

Speaking at the meeting held at Castle Royle Golf Club, Cdre Saunders explained the difficulties the club has had due to the weather conditions in the past year. He said: “Although Henley Sailing Club has been underwater twice this winter and this washed out the Christmas Party at the club, we were fortunate that the Thames did not burst its banks this summer and prevent all sailing.

“The increased speed of water flow, however, did create many problems for sailing throughout the year. Particularly hard hit were the Robb and the Sailing Secretary’s Challenge Cup races which were postponed twice before being abandoned completely for the season when the conditions proved impossible to squeeze them into the remaining race days.

“Three open races for visiting sailors were also abandoned. The Winter Warmer racing series held in November was also abandoned to raging waters.”

Speaking of the safety of sailors, Cdre Saunders added: “The Environment Agency has red boarded the locks throughout the summer on numerous occasions and warned all navigation to cease. Although, when the wind has been strong enough, we have permitted sailing at the club’s Officer of the Day discretion on amber warnings, usually when the stream speed was decreasing.

“Safety of sailors and other river users remains a paramount concern to the club. After the early summer drought orders were issued it proceeded to rain at a rate and frequency not seen for 100 years.”

Cdre Saunders also thanked those who had helped him steer the club through the three years of his tenure.

In handing over the baton to the newly elected Commodore Peta Bowyer, he offered his support for the future of the club’s leadership and thanked retiring rear commodores Duncan Mackay and Steve Rothery for their contributions.

The members also voted in Nigel Bonsor as vice commodore and Carol Stitson as rear commodore for this year.

Cdre Bowyer, from Benson, thanked the outgoing Cdre Saunders and his wife Judy for their combined efforts to bring fresh events and new members to the club.

Trophies were presented to the successful sailors by the club’s scorer Steve Rothery and Judy Saunders.

The following race results are a record of those events that did take place:

The Weldon Challenge Cup was won by just 0.5 of a point when Steve Rothery and Helene Hook in a National 12 beat Carol Stitson in a Laser.

The Campbell Challenge Cup was won by Carol Stitson with Alan Cadwallader second on 50.5 and 48 points respectively.

In the Waynflete Cup Stephen Gent and Viv Roberts in a modern National 12 narrowly defeated Carol Stitson in a Laser by 0.5 points.

The Tapply Cup was won by Stephen Gent crewed by Viv Roberts followed up by Chris Gent in second place.

The Stewart Challenge Cup, Bix Cup, Wargrave Challenge Cup and T Pot Trophy were all won by Stephen Gent crewed by Viv Roberts defeating Steve Rothery and Helene Hook on each occasion. Both skippers were helming National 12s.

Jeff Manning won the Peach Pursuit Trophy (Phantom Class) from Tim and Gus Saunders in their National 12.

In the Merton Cup Viv Roberts defeated Judy Saunders by means of countback rules after drawing level on seven points each while in the Gorman Cup, eight-year-old Roux Kerr, sailing a club Mirror with his dad Graeme, triumphed.

The Hunter Cup was won by Emma Cadwallader crewed by Viv Roberts in a National 12 who beat off Graeme Kerr crewed by Claire Relton in an Albacore. Carol Stitson beat Steve Rothery and Helene Hook to win the Jubilee Bowl. In the National 12 open meeting, the Henley Challenge Trophy was won by Graham Camm with Zoe Ballantyne as crew with runner-up John and Ollie Meadowcroft. Winner of the Admiral’s Cup were fourth-placed Steve Rothery and Helene Hook.

In the HSC Championship Richard Conway-Jones defeated Amelia Huby-Green in the Saltwood Cup. Carol Stitson defeated Alan Cadwallader in both the Russell Skinner Cup and the Auditors’ Cup. Tim and Gus Saunders defeated Stephen Gent and Viv Roberts in the Fiddler Challenge Cup.

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