Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Captain’s side takes first club competition

SHIPLAKE Village Bowls Club hosted its first in-house match of the new season providing a useful warm-up for the new campaign.

Elaine Robinson stood in for the vacant vice-captain’s role versus this year’s captain, Melvin Stafford. The match itself was made up of three rinks of triples.

Rink two comprised P Walker, D Bullock, B Lambourne, V C Gutteridge, R Copp and G Kennedy.

This saw Kennedy’s triple move ahead after the first few ends, leading 3-10 by the 10th but the second half saw a strong and steady comeback from Lambourne’s side with Walker gaining more of an upper at lead.

With just one end to go, Kennedy still had the lead but it was now a close 11-13 but his side could not hang on and Lambourne saw his side take three shots to clinch a last-gasp win, 14-13.

Rink three comprised F Benham, P Mansfield, A Reid, V J Buckett, E Robinson and D Webb.

This match saw an impressive performance from the captain’s side, led by Tony Reid as they notched up a huge score against their beleaguered opponents to finish well ahead, 30-8.

Rink four comprised M Stafford, M Lovejoy, W Cross, V D Lloyd, J Gutteridge and S Blackmore.

This looked like being a close match from the early stages and so it proved up to the half-way point where scores were level at 9-9.

However, a combination of some good bowls and one or two fortunate rubs saw Cross’s side move away and, despite some excellent saving shots from Blackmore over the latter stages, the captain’s side kept themselves ahead for what was a deserved victory at 19-13 to secure a clean sweep for the captain by winning all three rinks.

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