Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Plea to dog walkers after girl is injured

THE trustees of Shiplake Memorial Hall are urging dog walkers to keep their pets on a lead after an incident involving a young child.

On the morning of July 15, a dog was let loose on Memorial Field and it wanted to play with the girl, who was left with marks on her arm after it started to jump at her.

Lottie Pheasant, the hall manager, said: “It was an issue because the dog was about the same size as the child, who was of pre-school age. The dog’s owner called it but couldn’t get it under control straight away.

“The dog was not meaning to be aggressive. The girl was a bit upset and it is always going to be upsetting when a dog is essentially out of control and the owner can’t get it to respond.”

Larger signs will be fitted at entry points to the field to reinforce the message that dogs must be kept on leads while being walked on the field, which is private land but open to the public.

Mrs Pheasant said: “We do have an issue wih dogs not being on leads. It is becoming more noticeable because a lot more people have dogs now.

“It is a community space for everyone and we want it to remain like that and don’t want any repeats of this incident.

“It is about people not respecting the fact that there are signs and that not everybody is comfortable around dogs. Most people follow the rule but some choose to ignore it.”

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