Saturday, 02 July 2022

Neighbours object to house plan

NEIGHBOURS are opposing plans for a five-bedroom house in Shiplake.

David Bucknall, of Reading Road, wants to demolish a cottage, pool and associated building which are no longer required by his family and build a new house in their place.

A planning statement says: “The siting of the new house has been carefully chosen having regard to the trees and their root protection areas.

“Privacy with neighbouring properties is controlled by having a good level of separation, which is interspersed with existing landscaping and ensuring primary windows do not face adjoining neighbours.”

But Andrew Chandrapal, of Quarry Lane, says: “We have concerns regarding the proximity, massing, light restriction and direct line of sight to our main property.

“Having been at our property for 16 years, we have seen the effects of light on the property and garden throughout the day.

“The [neighbouring] owners have allowed the conifers to grow to such a height that light restriction already occurs.

“While this also ensures privacy, an additional dwelling this close to us would further reduce light on the south face of our upper drive and garden.”

Robert Limb, of Station Road, said: “Our key concern relates to the capacity of the current sewage system, which passes under our property.

“I do not believe the current drain can accommodate an additional house as we have had, on at least two occasions, issues with the system backing up. The drain is old and subject to root penetration.”

Shiplake Parish Council said it had no objections to the development as long as there was an effective tree protection plan in place.

South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, is due to make a decision by March 3.

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