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Residents of neighbouring roads come together for street party, fun and games

Residents of neighbouring roads come together for street party, fun and games

RESIDENTS of two streets in Lower Shiplake came together to celebrate the jubilee on Sunday.

About 120 people from New Road and Crowsley Road held a street party at the junction where the two roads meet.

They sat together on long dining tables, enjoying Prosecco and bowls of salad and coronation chicken. Katherine Liddell, of Crowsley Road, said: “It is great to have everyone from both our roads as it an opportunity to see neighbours you maybe don’t know all that well. There are a few people who have just moved in and this is a nice way to make them feel at home in the community.

“It’s also an historic occasion and something that won’t happen again in most people’s lifetime.”

The event was organised by Ray Wild, who lives on the junction of both roads and Micky Denehy, of New Road.

Mr Wild said: “It hasn’t been too stressful to organise and most of our anxiety has come down to the weather as it said all week that it was going to rain.

“There are quite a few new people in the area, and this is a great opportunity to meet all of them.” Mr Denehy said: “We do this for every royal occasion as it’s just a great excuse to get together as a community.

“We definitely go to town. All the bunting and decoration just instantly says ‘party-time’.

There was a dressing-up competition and a game of “pin the jewel on the crown” while blindfolded.

Sue Evans, who helped run the game, said: “The first person did very well, and we thought that it might be too easy.

“Then people got progressively worse. It’s probably because they’ve been drinking all day!”

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