Thursday, 11 August 2022

Improved bus shelter goes back to the drawing board

Improved bus shelter goes back to the drawing board

A BUS shelter in Sonning Common is set to be improved.

The structure in Brinds Corner would have a larger roof and possibly new sides to protect passengers from the elements.

The parish council is proposing to carry out the work, depending on cost.

It comes after residents and travellers complained about the shelter, saying the current roof is too small and there is no protection from wind and rain as it has no sides.

Parish clerk Philip Collings obtained an estimate of £2,400 but this did not include the cost of adding sides. Bernice Ellis, of Brinds Close, told a parish council meeting last week that the issue should be resolved quickly.

She said: “We feel very let down by the parish council. It is more of a smoking shelter then a bus shelter.

“Someone from the council must have seen how bad it was while it was being installed. I’ve done my own research and you can get a bus shelter for £2,500 to £3,000.”

Mr Collings replied: “We spoke to our local expert, who does all our bits for us, and he has come up with something. The costs would cover getting the metal made up. Other than that, the best price I could find to get it properly installed was more than £4,000.”

Councillor Douglas Kedge said the council should look for best value, adding: “This is a very reasonable compromise. It gives more protection.”

Councillor Leigh Rawlins added: “If it’s possible to get sides added then it’s something worth looking into.”

Mr Collings will now obtain an estimate for a shelter with a larger roof and sides.

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