Thursday, 18 July 2019

Council to seek power on parking

SONNING Common Parish Council wants the power to enforce parking.

It comes after complaints by residents and councillors about drivers parking on yellow lines outside the
Co-op in Wood Lane.

A meeting of the council heard that South Oxfordshire District Council can delegate parking enforcement powers to parish councils.

Councillor Tom Fort suggested that the council contacted others where parking is also an issue in order to make a joint approach.

He said: “There’s nothing this parish council could do that would cause greater happiness in this village than doing something effective to deal with rampant illegal parking.

“The objection to this is we have not got enough parking problems to justify someone doing it.

“The answer is to get together with other villages which have also had parking difficulties and at least explore the possibility of employing someone.”

Councillor Brian Giles said: “It’s regrettable that we have, either in our midst or through visitors to Sonning Common, antisocial people who do not seem to think that yellow lines mean anything and that they can park outside anyone’s house. It’s a common talking point in this village. I would like to enforce it.”

The proposal received unanimous support and it was resolved that the parish council would write to the district council.

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