Saturday, 15 May 2021

Sonning Common ward: Marie Mason (Free)

I HAVE lived in Sonning Common for 13 years. I was born in Burnham, near Taplow, raised in Norfolk and relocated back here to my roots.

It has been a huge privilege to raise my son in the beautiful Chilterns and we are both thankful for this.

Freedom has always been my most important value and I am a concerned citizen in these unprecedented times.

I have extensive therapeutic knowledge of domestic abuse and mental illness and continue to use this to help others. The hidden cost of the lockdowns is catastrophic and will be devastating and far reaching for generations to come.

I’m a qualified teacher and, having worked in secondary pupil referral units in recent years I’m familiar with the devastating consequences of mental illness for our children and this has increased immeasurably due to Government policies, which all the main parties have supported. All children are being affected by the restrictions imposed on them. Indeed, so many of us have been affected detrimentally.

To address this, our freedom must be returned and we, as individuals, have the right to medical autonomy, to travel, carry out business and have vital human contact with friends and family.

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