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Marvellous village show springs back into bloom

Marvellous village show springs back into bloom

THE Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society spring show returned last Saturday for the first time since 2019.

About 80 people attended the show, held at Sonning Common village hall in Wood Lane. The competition featured seven sections including flowers, vegetables, floral art, crafts and photography.

Nigel Crush, the society’s chairman, said he was pleased with the number of entries which was similar to three years ago.

Mr Crush, of Kennylands Road, said: “We had horrific weather and the past few weeks have been really hard for growers.

“We had so much rain and strong winds at the weekends and people have done really well to actually enter in the first place and produce some outstanding flowers too.

“The daffodils have come early and the tulips are not in full bloom yet but I think we got a very good standard of entries this year.”  

His wife Wilma was awarded the Grove Cup, for the most points in the daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes.

She also won the first prize in the floral art class and came first in the soda bread class.

Martin Hedges, an accountant from Emmer Green, won two first prizes in the vegetable section while his mother Sue won the Village Cup for the best exhibit in the flower classes and the Avern Trophy for the best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes.

Jessica Philbrick, of Baskerville Road, scooped the first prize for a vase of trumpet daffodils.

She said: “We missed out on the show for two years and it’s so good to have it back finally. People think it’s very serious and they feel intimidated to enter but it’s actually a very friendly show.

“These flowers popped up in my garden and I picked them up this morning – everyone can take part. You never know if you are going to have a chance but it’s always so nice to be part of it.”

Colin Mather, publicity officer for the society, said: “We are very pleased with the competition this year and the standard of entries was really high considering the weather conditions. We know it’s been difficult to grow flowers for everyone.

“The photography section has also been growing and it was great to see some outstanding pictures being entered this year.”

Saturday’s show also featured a stall selling plants and there was a raffle and refreshments.

The full results were as follows:

The Avern Trophy for the best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes: Sue Hedges.

The Grove Cup for the most points in daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes: Wilma Crush.

The Frank Pritchard Cup for the most points in pot plant classes: Barbara Winnington.

The Certificate of Merit for floral art for most points in floral art: Wilma Crush & Joyce Robins.

The Village Cup for best exhibit in the flower classes: Sue Hedges.


Vase of flowers from shrubs or trees: 1 Wilma Crush, 2 Jessica Philbrick.

Foliage plant in pot: 1 Penny Noble, 2 Barbara Winnington.

Succulent or Cacti: 1 Barbara Winnington, 2 Wilma Crush, 3 Jessica Philbrick.

Pot indoor grown bulbs: 1 Maureen Stevens.

Floral art

Welcome to spring: 1 Joyce Robins, 2 Sue Hedges.

Jug of flowers: 1 Wilma Crush, 2 Maureen Stevens, 3 Jill Hendra. 


Rhubarb: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Geoffrey Adams, 3 Joyce Robins.

Any other vegetable: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 Geoffrey Adams.


Marmalade: 1 Barbara Winnington, 2 Ian Burgess, 3 Jill Hendra.

Chutney: 1 Nigel Crush, 2 Val Mundy, 3 Wendy Peatey.

Tea loaf: 1 Jessica Philbrick, 2 Jill Hendra, 3 Lesley Davis, 4 Nigel Crush.

Ginger bread: 1 Jill Hendra, 2 Sue Mather, 3 Nigel Crush.

Soda bread: 1 Wilma Crush.


Sewing: 1 Sue Mather, 2 Masako Hamaguchi, 3 Beverley Porteus.

Small painting, any medium: 1 Peter Crush, 2 Penny Noble.

Small drawing, pencil or ink: 1 Peter Crush.

Children, five to 11 years

Easter card: 1 Sylvie Fooks.


Mushrooms: 1 Masako Hamaguchi, 2 Penny Noble, 3 Jill Hendra.

Winter sunshine: 1 Peter Crush, 2 Jill Hendra, 3 Lesley Davis.

Arches: 1 Nigel Crush, 2 Ian Burgess, 3 Jill Hendra.

Open: 1 Masako Hamaguchi, 2 Colin Mather, 3 Debbie Chapman.

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