Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Safer way for walking to work

JOHNSON Matthey wants to alter the main entrance at its base in Sonning Common to make it safer for staff on foot.

The technology company says that since 2010 it has increased the amount of research work done at the site off Blounts Court Road and expanded the car park in nearby Widmore Lane.

Currently staff walking from the car park use a marked-off part of the road to walk to the buildings.

Now the company has drawn up plans for a pedestrian walkway separated by wooden bollards.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, has objected, saying its wants more information.

Thomas Cockhill, area liaison officer for the council, said: “The proposal seeks to make alterations to the existing site entrance which will segregate pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

“The proposed footway egresses the site on the junction which would result in pedestrian movements traveling at the longest point to access the car park.

“It is recommended that the footway be relocated across to the adjacent grass verge and the crossing point located there so as to reduce the length of the travel distance across Blounts Court Road.”

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