Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Pupils learn about Hindu festival

Pupils learn about Hindu festival

YEAR 6 pupils at St Mary’s Preparatory School in Henley celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi yesterday.

They have been learning about the faith in their lessons. The Holi fetsival is designed to bring joy to all participants as it represents good overcoming evil, the end of winter and the start of spring.

The children learned about the origins of the festival and then took part in the traditional ceremony, throwing coloured powder together. They also sampled some traditional food.

One pupil said it was as “the best day at school ever!”

Deputy headteacher Kate Bodle said: “Each year group studies one of the main world religions, building on their knowledge and sharing with other year groups in assemblies later in the term.

“Our children enjoy regular opportunities for hands-on learning, and their work perfectly complements our school values that include collaboration and respect.

“We are very proud to be preparing our pupils to be global citizens.”

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