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Horse sales at the highest level are 'no coincidence'

Horse sales at the highest level are 'no coincidence'

DRIVE up Remenham Hill and most of us in the local horsey fraternity are aware of “Rosehill”.

After all, any pony club member has surely jumped around the welcoming course that meanders through the picturesque and historic Rosehill estate — but did you know what else takes place there equestrian-wise?

If you have been hanging out with the equestrian elite during the last decade, then you will have surely heard of Anna and Tim Wilks, jumping and eventing their way to exclusive top levels.

Both young stars, Anna is known for her bravery and talent in the eventing world and Tim is known for his meticulous style and feel for the horse, as well as training and competing showjumpers.

What you might not also know is that the talent and passion for horses goes back not only a few but six generations in the family tree.

The mother of Anna and Tim, Caroline Wilks’s aesthetic eye has successfully guided the renovation of the farm to a stunning combination of old heritage and yet new and functional horse-friendly design that complements the success that oozes from Rosehill.

Tim and Anna are part of the IN Showjumpers team that wakes up early to ride and train the horses and their yard allows them to educate and produce them quietly, far from the hectic buzz of the international circuit.

Indeed, last year, one of the gems in the stable was sold to Athina Onassis and a few months ago another travelled to Sweden to the international team rider Douglas Lindelow. The fact that horses are rising to be sold at this level is no coincidence.

Caroline has cracked the code. Her knowledge of the business world and the equestrian industry has enabled her to create something quite unique as a business with “cool, clear-headed investment prospects”.

She has unlocked doors for investors into the sport in a way that had simply not been done previously. So how does the business work?

IN Showjumpers has a small but top quality team who focus on identifying and producing exceptional horses that equally work with two exceptional trainers, Barnabas Mandi and Patrick Vandereyt.

Caroline says: “I’ve always loved horses and after spending nearly two decades in the finance, banking and investment industry, I simply couldn’t help myself from exploring what opportunities there were for me to take everything I had learned into the world of horses.”

And as with many amazing ideas born from predecessors over 100 years old, the catalyst was a good bottle of wine and the vision started to become what was to evolve to be a new concept in the showjumping world. In short, the vision became a reality in 2011 and IN Showjumpers was founded.

The idea is to enable investors to participate in a business which buys, produces and sells quality showjumping horses that have the talent and ability to potentially be successful at the top of the sport.

Two of the companies established also provided investors with UK taxable income with attractive tax benefits.

The concept has successfully brought new investors into the sport and this innovative asset-backed investment idea inspired financial advisers and investors alike. In fact, the success has gone beyond Caroline’s original expectations.

She says: “We now have a strong understanding of the business model which for us can give maximum consistency and return, with the least risk to investors. For me, the key to success is the quality and skills of the people who are part of the IN Showjumpers team. Without them, the business is nothing and the vision would not have become a reality.

“The team includes the ‘best-in-industry’ farriers, vets, riders, trainers and grooms. All are equally as important to deliver consistent success. The horses also benefit from a really good and correct start in their career, especially in an amazing environment with talented rider and trainers without the rush or stress of going from rider to rider.”

For more information, call Caroline on 07725216164, email, or visit

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