Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Royal Windsor fun ride is going from strength to strength each year

Royal Windsor fun ride is going from strength to strength each year

HAVING started life in 2016, the Royal Windsor Fun Ride is continuing to grow in size.

Not only has the route changed this year, but the organisers have been invited to run this event as a two-day event on the second May bank holiday weekend of Saturday 25 and Sunday 26.

Each day will see around 300 horses take part and has previously included such riders as The Devil’s Horsemen from Game of Thrones and BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce.

The ride, which has already sold out on the Saturday, offers around eight miles across the stunning scenery on the private Crown estate with the unmistakable backdrop of Windsor Castle and includes riding through an optional small lake normally used by the Duke of Edinburgh for his carriage-driving practice. The ride’s founder, Amanda Stewart of Woodcote, said: “The team of organisers led by myself all met through their love of horses and holidays and can often be found discussing new ideas whilst enjoying a sociable and amicable drink or dinner.

“And in fact through these discussions, it was decided to introduce the ‘Castle Jump’ last year and this has proved to be the most popular jump of the course. Many other companies are enjoying sponsoring jumps, so much so that we now have a ‘sponsorship lady’.

“In addition, Ascot Racecourse have also joined the event and have loaned some of their hurdles to jump for the bolder of the riders.

“Sinead Archer, also of Woodcote, looks after the entries, keeping some of the team extremely local. The jumps are on the whole supplied by the Sandhurst and Royal Military Academy Draghounds, where Caroline Bullen, the master, and myself, the former master of another hunt, became firm friends.

“Caroline, her joint masters and team supply the high standard of jumps and their military background must come in handy in ensuring that they are fixed correctly.

“There are a minimum of four photographers covering the course on the day and the printing of those memorable photos is available on site.

“Riders come from all around the country as this has grown into one of the most popular events of its type.”

Entries have now closed for the Saturday, but there are still spaces for the Sunday. To book, visit www.horsemonkey.com and search for “Royal Windsor Fun Ride” under events.

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