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Champion rider’s clean round to rid mud fever

FIVE-TIMES rider of the Ladies’ Hunter Championship, Shelley Perham, has come up with a remedy to treat mud fever.

FIVE-TIMES rider of the Ladies’ Hunter Championship, Shelley Perham, has come up with a remedy to treat mud fever.

The winner of the supreme horse title at the Horse of the Year Show, who is based at Brackenhill Stud in Henley not only runs clinics, schools horses and teaches individuals but has also set up Shelley Perham Products.

One product that is making a huge impact into the industry for mud fever is Clean Round.

Clean Round is a biocidal infection-control solution which is green, non-toxic, non corrosive and non-irritant.

Perham said: “I was introduced to the product last year and tried it on various horses that were suffering from ring worm. The peach-smelling shampoo was so effective that I decided to use it on a horse suffering from mud fever.

“After one wash I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. All the scabs, swelling and pus were gone and the leg was returned to near normal in a matter of minutes.

“I had to find another horse immediately as I thought it had been a fluke. By the time I had tried the shampoo on the fifth horse with the same reaction I got so excited that I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of all the horses across the country that this revolutionary product could help.

“Clean Round wasn’t designed to treat mud fever but now I understand how the active ingredient performs, it is no surprise to me or to the vets I have spoken to,” she said.

Clean Round’s active ingredient, duo max, is used widely in the NHS to kill MRSA. It has now been licensed for use with animals and has recent DEFRA approval and is BHA listed.

Perham added: “The product range, yard wash, rug wash and shampoo act as a nose-to-tail solution to improve bio-security in the stable yard.

“The active ingredient duo max gets inside the pathogen to completely obliterate it so that it does not return and reproduce. It kills 99.9 per cent of all known equine bacteria and fungi and stops the spread of strangles from the horse’s coat.

“If you wash your horse with Clean Round shampoo after competing at an event you will ensure that you bring nothing else home with you other than a well earned rosette.”

The yard wash treats the ringworm and other bacteria and fungi including aspirigillus in the stable and the yard and the rug wash is a lovely smelling solution for the washing machine for cleaning and disinfecting rugs in one wash.

Perham is now involved with the development and international sales of Clean Round and is extensively marketing toward the horse race industry where she has an impressive client list made up of trainers, stud farms and bloodstock sales companies. She is now setting her sights on British and Irish racecourses.

Perham said: “The modern racecourse needs to give more than a passing nod to green issues and this product, Clean Round, is so environmentally friendly that it actually helps to purify the water table and is ideal for them.

“In a peer review it was compared favourably to chlorine plus a product that has such toxic properties that it is only available in tablet form.

“Being non-toxic and non-corrosive it not only takes a racecourse’s bio-security to a whole new level but it also sits nicely with an establishment that positions itself as caring about the effects on the environment enough to want to move with the times and for providing a facility of excellence.

“Newbury and Beverley racecourses are the first to place an order with Fairyhouse in Ireland trialling the product at present.

“I’m plotting a plan of attack on the remaining 70-odd courses within the next month and I am excited about the prospects that this will bring for Clean Round and for Shelley Perham Products.”

For a full range of products and efficacy contact Shelley Perham on 07753 982052, email or visit the website,

Perham is also available as an equine consultant and for showing and production advice.

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