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Village primary becomes official ‘kind’ school

Village primary becomes official ‘kind’ school

STOKE Row Primary School has received an award for its acts of kindness.

It was presented with the kind schools accreditation from Kindness UK, a not-for-profit organisation with the goal of making kindness a part of everyone’s daily lives.

In order to receive the award, the school had to demonstrate it was meeting the requirements in the day-to-day running of the school.

It has a “buddy” system for foundation children who are matched with year five children and it promotes recycling, with the children picking up litter and not using plastic straws. It has fundraised for a variety of charities using ideas thought up by the school council, such as pyjama day, non-uniform days and a dance-a-thon. It has also donated items from its harvest festival to Reading food bank and staged a concert outside the Maharajah’s Well in the village to support Water Aid.

The school choir sang at the Abbeycrest Care Home in Sonning Common and took Christmas gifts for the residents and their families.

The primary also awards a “kindness cup” every year to a pupil who demonstrates high levels of kindness every day.

Acting headteacher Ellie Siv said: “Kindness is one of our school values and probably the most important. I came across this charity online and put together a report of all the things we were doing and sent it off.

“I feel very excited and very proud of the children and school community.”

Pupil Theo McGregor, 10, said: “If everyone is kind the whole school acts kind and that’s a really important thing. It’s nice to see everyone being kind to each other and the school is a really nice place to be.

“I pick up litter around where I live. It’s really annoying because I see all the litter around the school and it’s hurting the environment. It also kills animals and I want to help them.”

Maisie Redston, 10, said: “If someone falls over in the playground most people will go up to see if they are okay and take them to the teacher and the staff room to see if they can get an ice pack or plaster. If you’re kind to everybody, they will be kind to you back.”

The school has a special bin in reception for recycling empty crisp packets. When it is full villager Daphne Rowbottom collects these and takes them to Terracycle, which then awards points based on the weight. The points can be redeemed as cash donations which Mrs Rowbottom awards to the school.

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