Tuesday, 09 August 2022

TAKE FIVE: Children's Literary Festival

What do you think of the plan for a Henley children's literary festival?

"I've only lived here a year so I haven’t been to the main literary festival but a children’s festival would give me a good opportunity to bring my little one down and have a look. It would get kids involved in reading from an early age."

Alexandra Davies, 39, photographer, Chinnor

"I'm new to the area so I didn’t know about the main one but I’d take my daughters to a children’s festival. They like reading and poetry and they’ve got good imaginations so I'm sure they’d be open to it."

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Sophie Dix, 45, actor, Remenham,with Violet, four, and Georgia, nine

"I have no particularly strong feelings either way. I haven't been to the main festival but I might consider taking my children if there was one just for them."

John Swinburn, 44, cardiologist, Henley

"A children's literary festival would no longer interest me as my kids are older now but it’s a good idea. I would have taken them to an event like that when they were younger."

Jackie Evans, 49, HR Customer Service Manager, Caversham

"It's a great idea. Anything that gets children reading, writing and out socialising with others would be brilliant. It would open up a whole new world that's being closed to them by the growth of digital devices."

Eleanor Bradford, 65, Newtown Gardens, Henley

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