Tuesday, 09 August 2022

TAKE FIVE: World Cup

Are you watching the World Cup?

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“No. Pele was gracious with it. I think nowadays football has become all about money. Pele seemed to be one of those old-fashioned guys who really enjoyed the sport.”
Michelle Maylor, 58, Station Road, Henley

“No. Leionel Messi. My son's got a shirt with his name on the back so that's why I know about him!”
Pauline Kernick, retired, Manor Road, Henley

“Of course, at home. I'm a Spaniard so I have a whole mix and I'm an Arsenal supporter so they would probably all be Arsenal guys, Thierry Henry, people like that.”
Jose Goumal, 68, Bell Street, Henley

“I will indeed - at Pachangas and Magoos. Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Peter Shilton, Beckham obviously, Paul Ince was strong, Terry Butcher.”
Michael Clark, 29, Hambleden, Henley

“My husband is Iltalian background and I support England. Rooney hopefully but he hasn't been so dependable in past championships.”
Jill Maltese, Somning Eye

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