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TAKE FIVE: Traffic

TAKE FIVE: Traffic
Yes, it’s a good idea, but to really cure the traffic problem you’d need a bridge between Reading Road and Wargrave Road and some new roads around the outside the town.
Brian Fitchett, 68, of Knapp Close, Henley

As a town centre resident, I support the idea because the traffic can become quite noisy and cumbersome. My bed and sofa both shake whenever large lorries go past my window.
James Barrett, 33, of Duke Street, Henley

No. I think businesses are struggling as it is and people need to be able to quickly pop out and visit Henley’s shops. We are a tourist town and I think there will always be a traffic problem.
Ann Downing, 59, retired, of Deanfield Road, Henley

“Whatever system they have in place isn’t working because I’ve just walked through Greys Road car park and it’s gridlocked. However, I think speeding is a bigger problem in Henley than congestion.”
Johnny Harrison, 52, stock controller, of The Close, Henley

If you live in Henley I think you know there’s going to be congestion in those areas. Remenham Hill gets clogged up at peak times but most residents are already inside the town.
Lucy Beirne, 38, of Queen Street, Henley

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