Wednesday, 12 May 2021

TAKE FIVE: Henley Festival ticket prices

Would a £35 pound ticket encourage you to go to the Henley Festival?

We took to the streets of Henley to ask:
"Would a £35 pound ticket encourage you to go to the Henley Festival?"

“It gives you the opportunity to see all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally have the chance to see. You can go in, have a bit of food and drink and enjoy yourself.”
Charlie Rendle, 23, rower, Queen Close, Henley

“It’s a good idea and should encourage more people to go. I would be very interested in going for that sort of price.”
Kim Fisher, 69, retired, Queen Street, Henley

“It will certainly encourage me to go because it’s a bit more affordable. I’m not bothered about seeing the acts but it’s nice to be in and enjoy the atmosphere.”
Sam Walters, 29, hairdresser, Reading Road, Henley

“It depends what is included. People might go and then think it’s worth paying extra for the acts they really want to see.”
Kevin Woods, 52, picture framer, Rotherfield Greys

“It's a really good idea. I enjoy going to the Festival but I think there are a lot of people who would like to go and enjoy the ambience and music but don't have the money.”

Vicky Clokey, 55, from Henley

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