Monday, 15 October 2018

Hit and miss, miss, miss, miss

A GROUP of five performers, performing 28 short sketches and maybe five made me laugh.

A GROUP of five performers, performing 28 short sketches and maybe five made me laugh.

I don’t like to write negative reviews but at the same time this show did make me question the selection process to get into the Henley Fringe. Maybe I just didn’t get it?

The one female cast member, Jac Latham, lifted it for me. She had a certain life in her performance and I felt comfortable watching her.

But the four males all have work to do. Funny voices are great as long as they don’t result in inaudibility.

A sketch about the Big Bad Wolf being hired to care for a grandmother and then the grandson being disappointed she was still alive was very funny.

The idea that he was called a Bad Wolf because he was a vegetarian and his family had disowned him was clever. Some of the other ideas had promise — but maybe more development time is needed.

On this showing it felt under-rehearsed. Performers forgot lines or came in too early. Props looked thrown together and sound effects went off at the wrong times.

Plus I would have thought a group of comedians would be able to ad-lib if something went wrong?

Maybe it was meant to be like this? Maybe it was meant to have a Noises Off feel to it? The group met at a course on comedy sketch acting and are from a background of stand-up, singing and amateur dramatics.

If they want to be working in a professional capacity then they need to put some serious work in.

Fringe events should be there as a proving ground for new acts and I think audiences are willing to be lenient and open to this, but this audience was left disappointed.

Review: Daisy Smith

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