Thursday, 17 June 2021

Working with Annie taught me songwriting

OVER the past couple of years, the world of musical theatre has been overrun with a string of “jukebox” musicals such as Jersey Boys or We Will Rock You. The writers take the back catalogue of a particular artist or band and string a narrative on which to hang the songs.

But coming up with a whole set of new songs, which provide the necessary sign-posts on the narrative journey and propel the story forward, is a whole different ball game.

Yet it was an assignment which rock legend Dave Stewart — who made his name with the Eurythmics — relished.

Together with Glen Ballard he has written the music and lyrics of Ghost the Musical, which opens for a two-week run at the New Theatre Oxford next week, and he says it was a seven-year task that he thoroughly enjoyed.

“It began when I was approached by Colin Ingram, one of the show’s producers and they said that they were planning on creating a musical version of Ghost. Would I be interested in being part of it?” says Stewart.

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