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Underwater odyssey proves an 'amazing' show for youngsters

Underwater odyssey proves an 'amazing' show for youngsters

Miki | Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead | Sunday, November 26

ALTHOUGH this ethereal piece was for kids, there was something very soothing and therapeutic about watching it as an adult.

Peyvand Sadeghian (Miki), Jack Kelly (Penguin) and Ian Harris (Polar Bear) brought us some seamless, highly believable and comical interaction as an array of different creatures.

In a moonlit Arctic setting, little girl Miki and her friends Penguin and Polar Bear are shooting the breeze — or, in this case, snowy stillness.

But Miki is shortly to disappear, falling while fishing into an amazing adventure in a strange underwater world.

Accompanied by a very apt haunting and melodic Sigur Rós-esque soundtrack, which felt like the musical equivalent of the Aurora Borealis, and with a playful juxtaposition of scale and different perspectives, we travelled with Miki as she disappeared underwater and — spoiler alert! — eventually resurfaced.

My kids found it enchanting as well as hilarious, as Penguin huffed and puffed to pedal a light-up mechanised bicycle to power a wind turbine, and his efforts proved fruitless next to Polar Bear’s attempts.

Intermingling perfectly-executed puppetry with play-acting, this was crisp, succinct and sweet theatre.

There were anemones, bubbles, giant crabs, shimmering rainbow fish, sharks and two majestic specimens of jellyfish and octopus.

The audience included some very little children and all were good as gold — hushed and awed by the sights and sounds and the effects of bioluminescence on stage. My children declared it “amazing” and I was inclined to agree.

Miki is playing until Saturday, December 30. To book, visit

Natalie Aldred

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