Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Dancers showed perfect poise to deliver good, bad and ugly

Dancers showed perfect poise to deliver good, bad and ugly

THIS high calibre ballet troupe brought us a visual feast, serving up this classic tale, and making everything look effortless.

The central love story of Cinderella and her prince Ramiro was offset by some wonderful caricatures in the form of stepsisters Clarinda and Thisbe, along with sumptuous costumes and a riot of colour.

Eleonora Falovo and Grace Hume brought hilarity as the gurning, petulant sisters fighting over the prince, managing the feat of uglifying their movements for comedy effect then blending beautifully back in with the elegance of the ensemble.

Angela Centomini was thoughtful, precise and delicate as Cinderella, with the support of Thomas Bradshaw as Prince Ramiro. The movements were hypnotic and carried out with perfect poise by every dancer.

While the dancers appeared in various shapes and forms, as mice, cats and as nymphs and elves in woodland browns and golds, there was also some clever juxtaposition between the classic ballet palette of oyster, pink and cream, and the stepsisters in their bold and loud lime, blue, purple, orange and yellow dress combos.

There was more colour in the supporting dancers’ gorgeous shades of fuchsia, indigo, mauve and teal for the ball, while there were smart and pristine scenes setting male dancers in black against ballet whites. The choreography was immaculate, with the team synchonising beautifully, then presenting strong standalone pieces.

The combination of strength and elegance was impressive. With the Vienna Festival ballet everything was on point.

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