Friday, 18 June 2021

Fire, light — and a ball of steel

CONDENSING circus extravaganzas into the relatively compact space of a theatre is a brave act — and indeed Cirque Berserk featured a smorgasbord of brave acts from around the globe, with a maelstrom of magic moments.

In a festive atmosphere of compelling lights, sound and action, acrobats, jugglers, weapons experts and bikers performed death-defying feats, alongside everything from frenetic dancing to clowns bringing us faux ennui.

The Timbuktu Tumblers were light on their feet, effortlessly jumping into human pyramids and limboing through tiny gaps lit with fire, while Bolas Argentinas snapped us to attention, drumming and rolling their bolas with perfect timing and staccato rhythms, and the Tropicana Troupe defied gravity, being sprung up into the eaves and somersaulting back down to earth. Upping the jaw-dropping ante was a knife-throwing act and the astonishing Globe of Death, motorbikers circling each other inside a sphere. All interspersed with aerial ballet, contortionists, footjugglers, hula hoops and more. This was the essence of the Big Top distilled into a small stage. However, nothing felt like a compromise as the boisterousness just got bigger and bigger.

With perfect timing and execution — thankfully not literally, despite the many moments where our hearts were in our mouths — all these acts of artistry and stunts were wrapped up with some moving circus music, beautiful costumes and glorious special effects.

Overall the feel was of a talented global troupe of artists who had formed a close-knit and trusting community to throw themselves into the ring with a real sense of enjoyment. It certainly livened up a school night!

Until Saturday.

Natalie Aldred

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