Sunday, 05 July 2020

Pitfalls of success

DAVID WALLIAMS’S comic morality tale, Billionaire Boy, features a glorious mansion with turrets, nooks and crannies all built out of loo rolls.

For it is through these that widower (Jason Furnival) — and dad to 12-year-old Joe (Matthew Gordon) — has built his fortune, with the amazing Bumfresh.

While he doesn’t want for anything, Joe begs his dad to let him escape his sought-after school and attend the local comp. With his new buddy Bob, Joe gets to experience the delights of Raj’s newsagents, the concoctions of dinner lady Mrs Trafe and the day-to-day reality of state schooling.

As Joe discovers it’s not easy to hide a moneyed background, he finds out who his real friends are, while teaching his dad a thing or two about the sort of things money can’t buy.

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