Saturday, 21 May 2022

Battle of the sexes from century ago

NEARLY a century has passed since W Somerset Maugham wrote The Constant Wife and considered the battle of the sexes in the post-war Twenties, Art Deco culture and flapper girls.

Now the Sinodun Players are reviving this light-hearted comedy.

Constance is the wife of philandering Harley Street surgeon John Middleton, who is having an affair with her best friend Marie-Louise.

In an era when women were finally being liberated, what would be the best course of action for

Director Chris Harris says: “One is a prize klutz if, being a man, one starts talking about women in society. It’s a play to make people laugh but it’s absolutely packed with considerations of that powerful theme.

“The audience will think of their own life experiences. What’s cool for men, or at least tolerated by society, should that be cool for women too?

“This is a fun night out and people will find themselves having conversations on the way home.”

The Constant Wife is at the Wallingford Corn Exchange from Tuesday, March 29 to Saturday, April 2 at 7.45pm, with a Saturday matinée at 2.30pm. Tickets cost £12 (£9 on first night) and are available from

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