Thursday, 17 June 2021

Review: Story of Welsh grit and graft

Abigail Gardner


TOM JONES has been a huge star for so long that there can’t be many people around who remember a time when he wasn’t famous. This show catalogues his early years of sheer hard graft, moving from pub to working man’s club and back again in his native Wales, and just goes to prove that even a man dripping in talent will only make it with sheer guts and determination.

The story starts as the teenage Tom and his girlfriend Linda find themselves “in the family way” in their native Pontypridd. Having gone against parental suggestions to give the baby away, the young couple choose to make a go of things and get married.

Linda, played by Elin Phillips, is just as big a presence in this show as her husband. They struggle to make ends meet and she even offers to start work at the local glove factory, but even though she’s often left holding the baby while he tries to make it in London, she never stops encouraging him to keep at it.

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