Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Magic box opened up a whole world

When Neil Henry steps on stage at the Kenton Theatre, Paul Daniels, our local man of magic, should feel a sense of pride.

For if it had not been for a cardboard box containing the Paul Daniels Magic Set, Neil might never have begun a career that has brought him such satisfaction and success.

“I became the most annoying boy at school. I thought I was amazing. It was fantastic and it triggered my love for magic,” said Neil. “Then another boy was given the next level set — it was such a blow for me.”

Neil started his stage career at 15 as an actor but he never lost that love of magic instilled by the contents of the magical box. Now it is his life, working in two very different forms of magic — the close-up magic of the sort that entrances people at parties and the type of show he is bringing to the Kenton next month called Impossible?!

“They are two very different skills requiring quite different approaches but the aim is the same, to provide the audience with a feeling of astonishment,” says Neil.

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